Other Services Available to Crime Victims


      The Address Confidentiality Program is available to help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking hide a new home address from their perpetrators.   The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) provided through the Office of the Victim Advocate (OVA) eligible victims with an alternate mailing address.  This address may be used to fulfill the address requirements of court and government records, such as drivers’ licenses, non-drive photo identification cards, vehicle registrations, vehicle titles, employee security, school records, workers’ compensation, etc.   Banks must also accept the ACP address.   While the program should not be the only step taken in a safety plan, it can be a very important one.   

      For more information on the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP), call the ACP at 1-800-563-6399 or ask your Crime Victims Program provider for additional information.  


     Also known as Pennsylvania Victim Notification System, PA SAVIN is an automated services that lets you track the custody status of offenders in county jails, state prisons or on state parole.   By calling the toll-free number or visiting www.pacrimevictims.com, you can find out the custody status of an offender.   You an also register to be notified by phone and email if the custody of an offender changes.  

     For more information call, 1-866-972-7284 or follow the instructions by visiting www.pacrimevictims.com and click Notifications About Offenders.   You can also ask your Crime Victims Program provider and they will assist you in signing up for PA SAVIN.


     The Pennsylvania Victims Compensation Assistance Programs assists victims and their families ease the financial burden they may experience as a result of a crime.   Although compensation does not erase the fact that a crime occurred, it can help victims to begin the healing and recovery process.    Those who may be eligible include:  you are a victim or an eligible family member of a victim of a crime which occurred in Pennsylvania AND the crime was reported OR a Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) was filed.  

      Some of the types of expenses covered include:   Medical expenses, counseling expenses, funeral expenses, crime scene clean-up, loss of earnings, etc. with different limits for the various types of expenses covered.    For more information on VCAP or to request a claim form you can call 1-800-223-2339,  go to www.pacrimevictims.org and click on the “Financial Help” button or ask our Crime Victims Program provider for more information and assistance with your claim.  


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