Glossary of Terms in Juvenile Cases

Adjudication Hearing:   A juvenile criminal proceeding where a Judge determines if the accused offender is delinquent (in violation of the law).

Consent Decree:   A judicial decision whereby a juvenile offender’s charges are held open for four to twelve months to allow the offender time to correct his behavior and begin making positive changes for his life.

Delinquency:  The state of being in violation of the law.

Disposition Hearing:   A juvenile criminal proceeding where a Judge determines the punishment for the offending youth.

Informal Adjustment:   A judicial decision to hold a juvenile offender’s case open for three to six months while he/she is supervised and/or receives necessary services.

Intake Conference:   The initial proceeding in a juvenile crime case to determine whether or not the offender should be referred to Court.

Juvenile:   A person under 18 years of age.

Subpoena:  A written order by a judicial officer requiring a named individual to appear in a designated court at a specific time and place to serve as a witness in a case. 


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